Typhoon Bopha / Philippines

5 Dec

I just read of the typhoon in the Philippines “Typhoon Bopha”, http://edition.cnn.com/2012/12/04/world/asia/philippines-typhoon/index.html
Over 200 people have already been killed.

It’s such a tragic situation, so many of the people there have very little to even call home in the first place, and to have this taken away from them, as well as family and friends is truly heartbreaking.

I’m not sure if you guys have been there or know any Filipinos but I really love the Philippines- so many beautiful islands to see. I love the people- friendly, hardworking, always making light of any situation- not dwelling on any negatives, regardless of how little they have they will joke about it!
I would really just LOVE to start a foundation or some sort of charity/ business with proceeds going  to the people there. I was in tears witnessing how the children beg and run around on the busy roads, wearing old torn clothes,dirt all over their faces risking their lives for some change. My Mum told me so many people there sniff glue so they don’t feel the hunger pangs. They are very sweet people with a lot of faith.

If you have never been to the Phillipines I highly suggest you go, you will fall in love with the place and people. In fact my background photo on this blog was taken there.

However the reality in the majority of areas there is that parents struggle to make ends meet, those with tertiary level education still struggle to find work, even at the local fast food joint.  These are people who work so hard, in the hope they can have a better future.
This is a photo taken of the area known as Tondo, where my mother grew up- not in this sort of dwelling though.

Tondo Slum Photo from: http://bit.ly/TP9msW

  • More than a quarter of Filipinos struggle to make the equivalent of $390 AUD/ $412 USD in ONE year.
    (Philippines Government, Philippines Development Plan 2011-2016, URL: http://www.neda.gov.ph/PDP/2011-2016/default.asp)

Think about it. That is less than one weeks’ pay here in Australia.

In contrast, many of the islands in the Philippines are pure paradise
and i will upload some of my personal photos in another post but here are a few from the net:

Source: http://bit.ly/TJ4uWD


Source: http://bit.ly/UerriS

I know I have really gone off on a tangent, but I hope if anything -someone out there considers going over, to see the beautiful people and country, there is lots of great shopping too!

By the way, please consider donating to the relief of Typhoon Bohpha here

I donate to this charity monthly, and they spend very little on advertising etc so more of it goes to the actual cause.

have a great day lovelies oxox


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