Philippines-Part 2 Sunrises, The Lagoons, Caves and Snake Island

11 Dec

So i’ve decided to start this new post at 11.45 pm for no particular reason, even though I have work tomorrow. Just waiting for my lime green nails to dry while i have a bit of red wine 😀
Any excuse, eh?

So I can’t exactly remember what we did on each single day unfortunately so I will do it in chunks of what we saw/activities 🙂

Almost every morning we went  out on the boat to watch the sunrise-but the last morning we opted to do the kayak instead. Haha call me lazy but I preferred watching the sunrise on the boat, more time appreciating the sunrise and chilling on the boat with instant coffee than kayaking and worrying if we’d make it to big lagoon in time to take photos of the sunrise.

We were unlucky the first few mornings as the cloud covered the sun.
I must admit, the instant coffee was pretty horrible, but that’s just because we’re spoilt for choice here, but hey the caffeine did its job.
The Staff kindly gave us a wake up call, we struggled out of bed, showered and head to the buffet for a snack and met one of the activity guys- Vlad ( awesome guy with the biggest smile and spikiest hair)
It was pitch black, and I felt guilty when I saw the “Banca boys” i.e. Boat boys had been woken up just to take us out.
They still had bed hair when they came out of their little boat bunk.
This is one of the mornings we missed out on seeing the sunrise.

Interesting Sunrise shot. like firebawlls








One really interesting thing we saw, which we had never seen before was the glowing plankton in the ocean while it was dark, the simple things, are sometimes the most fascinating


So the most iconic thing about El Nido is the Big Lagoon, with its stunning, still turquiose waters, it looks like something out of a movie. This was probably one of the places that had quite a few boats of tourists, but definitely not overcrowded.

Here are some photos I took of big Lagoon

This rock formation is seen as a miracle as it’s shaped as Mother Mary praying, very cool

Look at that lovely colour



Afterwards we swum from the boat to this little beach. Whilst we were swimming my imagination was getting my better of me. The visibility wasn’t great in some parts of the water, a bit of a cloudy turquoise colour.
I couldn’t help but visualize a shark only a few metres away underwater, and it being too late and not being able to do anything about it ahaha, so I decided to swim the rest of the distance with my head above water in ignorant bliss.. if I was going to be eaten, id rather enjoy my last few moments.


The Small Lagoon was further in, past big lagoon,  you could go for a little swim and kayak into small lagoon, it wasn’t accessible by the bigger boats so we all had to kayak in there.

Next we head out to Cathedral Cove.. which were some caves sort of shaped like a cathedral??? I dont know really, but we went there, and this is it.


Our next stop was Cadugnon Caves where we had to climb through a small hole to get in. That’s one thing about many of the hidden sites in El Nido, you truly wonder how people discovered them in the first place, as if you were just cruising past these cliff faces and rocks you’d assume there wasn’t much behind it.
There are a few other places ill  mention later such as “secret beach” where we had to dive underwater, under a rock and resurfaced to a limestone cliff enclosed exclusive beach, amazing! Our tour guide knew of a few other little secret lagoons which was nice of him to take us to. But yes, that’s for later 😉

This was the beach just outside Cadugnon Cave


Peek a booo
Here’s the hole we went through to get inside the cave



And some pics from inside the cave, ^ that one is known as the micky mouse hole if you can make it out.
Heres the roof of the cave

Snake Island

I cant remember if this was the same day because I seem to be wearing the same clothes everyday lol, but I will mention Snake Island in this post before I go to bed

Snake Island is named Snake Island because of its shape, it’s only visible during low tide and different bodies of water meet there( I think? from memory..)
The surroundings were lush, green, and prisssstiiine!
We all had a little swim in the shallow waters, the water was very clear and I happily floated along the surface enjoying my moment of peace and taking as many mental photos and videos as I could, hoping to never have to return to reality.



View from the walk



Took us a few jumps!


The walk up to see Snake Island from above.

Ahh blogging is really quite time consuming! its already 1.30 am! I can’t believe at first I was thinking of doing my holiday all in one post!




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