Philippines holiday- Part 4 Matinloc Shrine/ Island – (where I want to get married one day !)

24 Dec

Towards the end of our stay at Miniloc Island we asked the staff if they could  take us somewhere different a because we had seen most of the other local icons/scenery and wanted to make the most of being in that area.
I think my boyfriend had heard or read about Matinloc Island or one of the activities staff mentioned it (can’t remember) but since we had been on the island for the longest out of everyone else (most people stayed 2-4 days) I think they got to know and like us and were very hospitable. 🙂 So Matinloc Island it was. This was probably the longest trip we made out for a day activity, which is why I can understand they wouldn’t want to take other people out who were only spending a day or two there when they would probably rather see things like big lagoon etc.

The staff pointed out islands where turtles bred, and told us  heaps of interesting stories about the area and their lives. One guy told us about how once they saw pigs swimming in a single line; each one with their head on the back of the other while they all trod water, till the one at the front would get tired and swim  to the back of the line!!
Haha this was highly amusing as my boyfriend and I are obsessed with pigs, and we couldn’t imagine ever seeing a pig in the area, let along a conga line of pigs swimming!
We also saw a gigantic Manta Ray on the way, unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of it.

As you may know the Philippines is predominantly a Catholic country, and Matinloc shrine holds a Catholic festival/feast day for Our lady of Matinloc Island in May I think for locals in nearby islands.. (Thats what I recall the guy saying anyway- almost a year ago.)
However it is somewhat run down, and abandoned.  No-one lives or stays there to maintain it its mainly just tourists coming by and I suppose the locals for a feast day.
Boats of tourists come by during the day and have a look around/ snorkel around the area- but don’t worry there was only one other group of tourists when we were there- it’s not one of those places flooded with people because it isn’t well known.

The trip there

This was our view pulling upto Matinloc Island,



I know I’ve spoken about the water before in general there and how beautiful it is, but this really was a beautiful place. As corny as it sounds, the sun flickering off the water reminded me of diamonds or glitter shining in the light- it was so so pretty! If i had a dollar for every time I was like wowwww this is sooo beautiful/pretty/amazing over there- I would be a very rich lady.


See how the water goes from a light blue to a deep ocean blue?- we snorkelled around there and maaan the ocean floor just dropped down into nothingness it scared the crap out of me, I made sure my boyfriend was swimming on the deeper side beside me in case anything scary decided to appear, such as but not limited to hungry sharks.( great gf, yea i know..)

Matinloc shrine




Sittin on the dock of the bay. Wastin timmmmmmeImage
This was an old abandoned building, I lost the group for a bit so decided to explore it, there was some broken glass on the floor and not much in there- but it had a nice view.

Here is the said view from in there.

Later on I caught up with the others who were checking out the underground shrine.

After that, we walked up some rock/ makeshift staircase to one of the best views i’ve ever seen in my life!


lol this aint passing no safety tests in Australia


The View



wow. just wow. I would love to be a bird and just glide over that amazing water.


Water shot.

After Matinloc we head to secret beach  on the way back to the resort which ill blog about next

Good night.

One more day till Christmas 🙂


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