The Philippines -Part 5 Secret beach, El Nido

29 Dec

In the Philippines,you can rest assured you will constantly be surprised.
You thought a motorcycle was for one or two people ? Well not here apparently. I’ve witnessed families of five  quite comfortably cruising along a road looking pretty blase about it. Oh, and also the ones on motorbikes  AND mobiles , i was sitting there constantly comparing and whining… this IS SO ILLEGAL IN AUSTRALIA.!
Amazingly enough it seems these sort of places never have as many accidents as drivers do here.
I like to think of it like this; just as ants appear to the human eye as a chaotic, scattered mess of a bunch- it only takes a closer look to realise  they work in perfect harmony as a community. Just as the traffic in Manila looked  somewhat chaotic to me, i felt pretty safe in the end growing accustomed to the last minute  swerves and lane changes, they had they own system, different.
A horn would be used here to show your annoyance  at another  driver, but it seemed  a beep had many uses over there-another communication system. From saying hello to warning others you were overtaking-as you were doing it. When we were suck in traffic the drivers formed some sort  of horn acapella, i couldn’t figure out for the life of me why they were all beeping, i think it was for their own amusement.
Anyway, just as the people of the Philippines had their own charms  and surprises, the landscape of el Nido was full of just as much mystery to keep us in awe for our entire stay.
What seemed like just another a limestone cliff from the outside,later revealed there was so much more than meets the eye.
I felt a rush as a I jumped into the water, a mix of excitement and adrenaline, getting ready to witness this place  i had Google imaged the shit out of since the start of my travel plans.


How someone discovered secret beach must be one hell  of a story,because i can’t picture why anyone would randomly stop there among the kms of lime stone cliffs and swim underwater in that spot.
The activities guy swum ahead if me,we ducked underwater for a second and resurfaced to crystal crystal clear  waters and warm white sand.
Like a private pool,in this safe little haven we were protected from any rough  seas.
You could picture memaids  bathing here in this magical cove. In a legend where some lucky sailor would end up washed up after his ship had wrecked.
Secret beach.


Underwater Entrance









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