Beach Club co.

7 Jan

At the resort, we could go on day trips to our partner beach clubs for the day- for a beach picnic, some snorkeling, wind surfing and cocktail sippin.

The two were called Entalula and Dibuluan.

The beach club- Entalula



Trying to look relaxed


aannnd Dibuluan.

Each had their own charms, with Dibuluan having an old bamboo forest trail, and an army of hermit crabs!


Just a few of the many hermit crabs


baby hermy- it was amazing; when we stayed still close to the ground we noticed all the little shells were moving; nearly EVERY shell had a hermit crab in it!



As we signed another waiver, I asked if there were any snakes or tigers in there,just to be sure.. they laughed and assured us all we had to worry about was a recent storm that had damaged the look out point, so we were strictly advised not to go on it. We were guided by a blue rope….which we discovered somewhat vanished part way through once we came across some mangroves.



The lucky guess path back to the beach club


The moment of relief, spotting the beach club after wading through some water


I’ve been daydreaming ever since I got back.. it was a year ago now


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