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Why I love London

7 Jan

My favourite things about london…thoughts sitting by the canal with a cawfee.


Squirrels.much cuter park fauna than our scrawny pigeon and ibis, same goes with foxes- didnt know there were foxes running about in the center of london at night!

The Postal vans are exactly like the ones in the cartoon-everytime one goes past I cant help but sing postman pat..postman pat…

The beautiful  old streets and trees and canals.

The people-people from everywhere hence accents from everywhere, anyone can be whoever they want here and I love it. So many cultures, people here are so open and I absolutely love everyone here I’ve met <3. (Even though ive been warned the charm will wear off soon after a year and London is where all international dreams come to die).. (this is where mine came to life)

Mulled wine. Only just discovered this gem here. Why have normal red wine in winter when u can have warm red wine with yummy spices and fruits. A hot and flavoursome sangria.

Primeark, iceland, poundland. Enough said.

Markets.Camden markets, Spitalfield markets, ex mouth markets,bricklane, christmas markets, any weekend, any festivity there are awesome markets of any kind and they all put our markets back home to shame.

The Lexington. One small pub for London. One giant array of weirdos brought together for the love of American bourbon and shit music.

Feeling like a legend cos I can speak fluent English.  Then realising im actually not a legend, because everyone else here speaks at least 2 other languages. Which then inspires me to learn more languages.

The fact that I can casually get a 2 hour train ride to Paris at my local train station. Or in a few hours I could be almost anywhere in Europe by plane. Whereas back home, you get on the plane/train and nek minute..(5 hours later)  you're still in Aus.

Being an ex convict. Using the excuse if I dont know something.. oh im Australian.. we dont do that /know that/wasn't taught that back home.. when in fact it's just me.

My new found appeciation of sunshine and blue skies. Its an amazing day if the skies are blue and the sun is out. Even if its 4 degrees outside.
Singing Lilly Allens song "ldn" in my head, and feeling 100% more british- and actually getting the references like knowing what Tesco is..