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Australia day long weekend

28 Jan

I had a lovely weekend filled with lots of family, wine and food. A perfect weekend.
Got to loveĀ  Australia day. šŸ™‚
Saturday was my cousins ninth birthday, where my boyfriend and i walked an hour along a road with no shelter to get to the park because of a slight error in my trip planning,which said the tripĀ  would take seven minutes……i missed the part where i had chosen the driving option.

We got burnt,and by the time we arrived :-)( 3pm) everyone was packed up ready to leave. So we had a bit of rest and recovery,Ā  before we head back home.
It was nice while it lasted though, with a cool breeze and sitting along the river bank, admiring those more fortunate with a boat.

When we got home I was in the moodĀ  forĀ  some drinkin’ so i made a white wine SangriaĀ  which got mum drunk because apparently she didn’t know there was alcohol in it…it clearly tasted like white wine to me and the empty bottle of sav blancĀ  was sitting right next to the jug…whatevsĀ  mum.
Here’s the Sangria i made


Today we head to a family friends’ who just had a baby boy,she lived out hunter valley way which was a long drive …but so lovely and relaxing even in this grey,wet depressing weather.
We were welcomed with some more savĀ  blanc and delicious bbq, where we caught up and indulged to the surroundings of the still, and hazy pastel greens of the countryside.


Ready for a new week!