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Beach Club co.

7 Jan

At the resort, we could go on day trips to our partner beach clubs for the day- for a beach picnic, some snorkeling, wind surfing and cocktail sippin.

The two were called Entalula and Dibuluan.

The beach club- Entalula



Trying to look relaxed


aannnd Dibuluan.

Each had their own charms, with Dibuluan having an old bamboo forest trail, and an army of hermit crabs!


Just a few of the many hermit crabs


baby hermy- it was amazing; when we stayed still close to the ground we noticed all the little shells were moving; nearly EVERY shell had a hermit crab in it!



As we signed another waiver, I asked if there were any snakes or tigers in there,just to be sure.. they laughed and assured us all we had to worry about was a recent storm that had damaged the look out point, so we were strictly advised not to go on it. We were guided by a blue rope….which we discovered somewhat vanished part way through once we came across some mangroves.



The lucky guess path back to the beach club


The moment of relief, spotting the beach club after wading through some water


I’ve been daydreaming ever since I got back.. it was a year ago now


Philippines-Part 3 Lagen Island

17 Dec

I just realised I hadn’t mentioned this earlier, but the resort we stayed at was called Miniloc Island Resort. All are under El Nido resorts- http://www.elnidoresorts.com/
It had a partner resort called Lagen Island, where we could spend the day, to eat their buffet, go on a little hike through the forest, use their pool, go to their bar etc.
It was something refreshing if you got sick of the scenery at your resort (*cough*  which wouldn’t happen) and only a boat ride across the bay. In fact, you could jusssst make out their lights on at night in the distance.
Call me biased in saying I preferred Miniloc better, but yeah we had a beautiful  reef out the front to snorkel with their resident turtle, and the lovely authentic looking bungalows right over the water. 😉

We spent one day at Lagen, and did the walk. We were told to sign a waiver, which made me question if there were any snakes, tigers etc we should know about haha. It was just us two on the walk. Through that still, lush green forest.

Me with my Gandalf stick to break up any spider webs ahead.





Do I look big in this butt?


And finally! The trail out to the beach- where we had to kayak back around to the resort front.



My Boyfriend had a look at this photo we took, and thought it seemed soooo familiar but couldn’t work out where we had seen it before, we figured it was on the cover of Lonely Planet or something.

Just casually doing yoga poses on a remote tropical island.

Afterwards, we made out way back canoeing, after a little dip from being so sweaty and hot from that walk. ( yes, unfit)


Photos of Lagen Island from the front.



Fascinating camel shaped rock..



This is the resort pool, ok this is one thing we didn’t have at Miniloc, but hey you can’t have everything- even on paradise. I really adore how the palm leaves look like peacock tails.We were told by staff that Monitor Lizards( Big lizards) often came by and swum in the pool. I was shocked and said “then what?!!- how do you get them out?” He just laughed and said they let them swim because it was their home before we got here- which is true, and I respect that. They are pretty harmless and don’t cause much trouble- unlike the monkeys haha. Naughty bastards.
The wonderful bar man said he would make me any sort of daquiri, provided he had the fruit-so I requested a papaya daiquiri  Not bad, Not bad 😉


you put the lime in the coconut …

The massage room. Ahhh.  Sweet Memories…
The massages were amazing at the resort(all resorts have massage places), you could go to their massage tent such as this, or request them to come to your room. At a fraction of the cost for a massage in Sydney you can’t complain, but thats how it all add up when we got the big bill at the end lol. “Just one more cocktail, one more wine, one more massage..”
Even cheapness is only cheap in moderation.

Random memory flashback but I remember this day I had a grain of sand stuck on my eyeball under my top lid- let me tell you this was the most uncomfortable sensations i’ve ever experienced- the resort nurse tried multiple times flushing it with eye wash, I really wanted to cry. It felt like anything I did made it worse. In the end I got it out by opening my eyes in the salt water and moving my eyelid around with my finger. * note to yourself for future*
I’ll end with a picture of dolphins we came across on a boat ride back from one of the islands, apparently if you stop the boat ( which we had) and clap, the dolphins come closer in. They were curious little friendly fellows and probably loved the attention.
They would pop their heads up every now and then. This made my afternoon as i’ve never seen dolphins that close before 🙂

Good night everyone